Book Prize 2012

The list below is of all 263 264 books entered for this year’s Orwell Prize for Books. All were published in 2011. This is not a longlist (which will be announced on 28 March) or shortlist (25 April), but all of the books put forward. The books are listed alphabetically by author’s first name.

This year’s Book Prize judges are Miranda Carter, Helena Kennedy and Sameer Rahim.

A. D. Miller Snowdrops Atlantic Books

A. N. Wilson Dante in Love Atlantic Books

Abulrazak Gurnah The Last Gift Bloomsbury

A. C. Grayling The Good Book Bloomsbury

Adele Ward Everything is Free Ward Wood Publishing

Adrian McKinty Falling Glass Serpent’s Tail

Ai Weiwei with Hans Ulrich Obrist Ai Weiwei Speaks Penguin

Alan McCombes Downfall Birlinn

Alan Shadrake Once a Jolly Hangman Murdoch Books

Alana Lentin, Gavan Titley The Crises of Multiculturalism Zed Books

Alex Perry Life Blood Hurst

Alex von Tunzelmann Red Heat Simon & Schuster

Alison Irvine This Road is Red Luath Press

Alistair Darling Back from the Brink Atlantic Books

Allan Cameron Can the Gods Cry? Vagabond Voices

Amanda Coe What They Do In The Dark Virago

Andrew Feinstein The Shadow World Hamish Hamilton/Farrar, Straus and Giroux

Andrew Morrison Tommy This an’ Tommy That Biteback

Andrew Scott Allies Apart Palgrave Macmillan

Andrew Wilson Belarus Yale

Andy Kershaw No Off Switch Serpent’s Tail

Angela Saini Geek Nation Hodder & Stoughton

Angus Roxburgh The Strongman I. B. Tauris

Anna Funder All That I Am Viking

Anthony Summers, Robbyn Swan The Eleventh Day Doubleday

Arthur Neslen In Your Eyes A Sandstorm University of California Press

Asher and Martin Hoyles Caribbean Publishing in Britain Hansib Books

Ashley Jackson Churchill Quercus Books

Bill Cash John Bright I. B. Tauris

Bill Rolston Children of the Revolution Guildhall Press

Bob Marshall-Andrews Off-Message Profile

Bobby Friedman Bercow: Mr Speaker Gibson Square

Bruce Charlton Thought Prison University of Buckingham Press

Bryan Appleyard The Brain is Wider than the Sky Weidenfield & Nicolson

Bryan Niblett Dare To Stand Alone Kramedart Press

Caoimhe Nic Dhaibheid Sean MacBride: A Republican Life (1904-1946) Liverpool University Press

Carne Ross The Leaderless Revolution Simon & Schuster

Caroline Moorhead A Train in Winter Vintage

Catherine Bennett Mrs Cameron’s Diary Virago

Catherine Mayer Amortality Ebury Publishing

Centre for Social Justice No Excuses: A Review of Social Exclusion Centre for Social Justice

Charles Stross Rule 34 Orbit

Charlie Campbell Scapegoat Portobello Books

Charlie Wade The Bailout

Chris Bower Nick Clegg: The Biography Biteback

Chris Morgan Jones An Agent of Deceit Mantle

Chris Mullin A Walk-On Part Profile

Christopher Hitchens Arguably Atlantic Books

Christopher Hood The Blame Game Princeton University Press

Christopher Turner Adventures In The Orgasmatron Fourth Estate

Christopher Wallace Killing The Messenger Freight Books

Cita Stelzer Dinner with Churchill Short Books

Colin Leys, Stewart Player The Plot Against the NHS Merlin Press

Conor McCabe Sins of the Father The History Press Ireland

Conor O’Clery Moscow, December 25, 1991 Transworld

Conor Woodman Unfair Trade Random House Business Books

Craig Brown One On One Fourth Estate

Daisy Cooper The Commonwealth in Denial Commonwealth Advisory Bureau

Daisy Cooper, David Seddon, Tim Sheehy Review of the Commonwealth Ministerial Action Group: on the side of the people? Commonwealth Advisory Bureau

Dan Hancox Kettled Youth Bodley Head Brain Shots

Daniel Domscheit-Berg Inside WikiLeaks Jonathan Cape

Danny Chivers The No-Nonsense Guide to Climate Change New Internationalist

Danny Dorling So You Think You Know About Britain? Constable & Robinson

David Boyle The Human Element Earthscan

David Boyle, Andrew Simms The Ratio new economics foundation

David C Brotherton, Luis Barrios Banished to the Homeland University of Columbia Press

David Cannadine The Right Kind of History Palgrave Macmillan

David Cohen Calling London Evening Standard Books

David Craig Pillaged! Gibson Square

David Kauders The Greatest Crash Sparkling Books

David Kynaston City of London Chatto & Windus

David Lammy Out of the Ashes Guardian Books

David Leigh, Luke Harding WikiLeaks: Inside Julian Assange’s War on Secrecy Guardian Books

Dean Evans Glimpses of a Black Op

Deanne Heron Pardner Money Stories Hansib Books

Diane Frost, Richard Phillips Liverpool ’81: Remembering the Riots Liverpool University Press

Dick Chernobyl Kowtow Little Dragon Publishing

Dominic Streatfeild A History of the World Since 9/11 Atlantic Books

Donald Harman Akenson Ireland, Sweden and the Great European Migration (1815-1914) Liverpool University Press

Dorian Lynskey 33 Revolutions Per Minute Faber

Douglas Murray Bloody Sunday Biteback

Ed Siegle Invisibles Myriad Editions

Edna O’Brien Saints and Sinners Faber

Edward Wake-Walker A House for Spies Robert Hale

F. Stuart Ross Smashing H-Block Liverpool University Press

Felicity McCall A Pitying of Doves Guildhall Press

Frank Furedi On Tolerance Continuum

Frank Ledwidge Losing Small Wars Yale

Fred Halliday Political Journeys Saqi

Frederick Taylor Exorcising Hitler Bloomsbury

Gavin Knight Hood Rat Picador

Gemma Maclagan Protest Andre Deutsch

Gordon Corera The Art of Betrayal Weidenfield & Nicolson

Gordon Weiss The Cage Bodley Head

Greg Muttitt Fuel on the Fire Bodley Head

Guy Clinton The Destiny Secret

Hamid Dabashi Brown Skins, White Masks Pluto Press

Hanna Brau Weeds Don’t Perish Garnet

Heather Brooke The Revolution Will Be Digitised William Heinemann

Heather Peace All to Play For Legend Press

Hennie Lotter Poverty, Ethics and Justice University of Wales Press

Hisham Matar Anatomy of a Disappearance Viking

Iain P Russell Hunt and be Damned Pembertons Publishing

Iain Sinclair Ghost Milk Hamish Hamilton

Ilan Pappe The Forgotten Palestinians Yale

Imran Khan Pakistan Bantam Press

J. J. Connolly Viva La Madness Duckworth

J. M. Ledgard Submergence Jonathan Cape

Jack Fairweather A War Of Choice Jonathan Cape

James Barr A Line in the Sand Simon & Schuster

James Plunkett Growth Without Gain? Resolution Foundation

Jane McGonigal Reality is Broken Jonathan Cape

Jane Robinson A Force To Be Reckoned With Virago

Jane Rogers The Testament of Jessie Lamb Sandstone Press

Jason Burke The 9/11 Wars Allen Lane

Jason Manolopoulos Greece’s ‘Odious’ Debt Anthem Press

Jasper Gerard The Clegg Coup Gibson Square

Jeffrey Sachs The Price of Civilisation Bodley Head

Jeremy Seabrook, Imran Ahmed Siddiqui People Without History Pluto Press

Jill Hedges Argentina: A Modern History I. B. Tauris

Joanna Bourke What It Means To Be Human Virago

Joe Murphy 1798: Tomorrow the Barrow We’ll Cross Liberties Press

John Berger Bento’s Sketchbook Verso

John Bew Castlereagh Quercus Books

John France Perilous Glory Yale

John Gray The Immortalization Commission Farrar, Straus and Giroux

John Rentoul The Banned List Elliott & Thompson

John Rodden The Unexamined Orwell University of Texas Press

Johnny West Karama! Quercus Books

Jon Alexander, Tom Crompton, Guy Shrubsole Think Of Me As Evil? Public Interest Research Centre

Jonathan Glancey Nagaland Faber

Jonathan Haslam Russia’s Cold War Yale

Jonathan Steele Ghosts of Afghanistan Portobello Books

Julia Lovell The Opium War Picador

Julian Assange The Unauthorised Biography Canongate

Justin Cartwright Other People’s Money Bloomsbury

Justin Webb Notes on Them and Us Short Books

Katharine Birbalsingh To Miss with Love Penguin

Katharine Quarmby Scapegoat Portobello Books

Keith Skene Escape From Bubbleworld Ard Macha Press

Ken Livingstone You Can’t Say That Faber

Kieran Yates, Nikesh Shukla Generation Vexed Bodley Head Brain Shots

Kieron Smith The Politics of Down Syndrome Zero Books

Kwasi Kwarteng Ghosts of Empire Bloomsbury

Lars T. Lih Lenin Reaktion Books

Laura Oldfield Ford Savage Messiah Verso

Laurie Penny Penny Red Pluto Press

Leaf Fielding To Hire Outside the Law Serpent’s Tail

Leif Jerram Streetlife Oxford University Press

Linda Grant We Had It So Good Virago

Lizzie Collingham The Taste of War Allen Lane

Lord Morris of Aberavon Fifty Years in Politics and the Law University of Wales Press

Lucretia Grindle The Lost Daughter Mantle

Lucy M. Edwards The Afghan Solution Bactria Press

Lucy Siegle To Die For Fourth Estate

Luke Andreski To The Bridge Dark Green Books

Luke Andreski Now We Are Green Dark Green Books

Luke Andreski The Book of New Creation Dark Green Books

Luke Harding Mafia State Guardian Books

M. Y. Alam The Invisible Village Route Publishing

Malcolm Dean Democracy Under Attack Policy Press

Margaret Hefferman Wilful Blindness Simon & Schuster

Mark Forsyth The Etymologicon Icon Books

Mark Lynas The God Species Fourth Estate

Mark Malloch-Brown The Unfinished Global Revolution Allen Lane

Mark Olden Murder in Notting Hill Zero Books

Martin Shipton Poor Man’s Parliament Seren

Mary Helen Spooner The General’s Slow Retreat University of California Press

Matt Korris A Year in the Life Hansard Society

Matthew Collins Hate Biteback

Matthew Greenwood The Treachery at Nether Stowey Blue Shed Press

Matthew Hancock, Nadhim Zahawi Masters of Nothing Biteback

Matthew Parker The Sugar Barons Hutchinson

Max Egremont Forgotten Land Picador

Mehdi Hasan The Debt Delusion Bodley Head Brain Shots

Mehdi Hasan, James MacIntyre Ed Biteback

Melissa Benn School Wars Verso

Michael D. Higgins Renewing the Republic Liberties Press

Michael Kerr The Destructors Irish Academic Press

Michael Lavalette, Chris Jones Voices from the West Bank Bookmarks

Michael McManus Tory Pride and Prejudice Biteback

Michael Smith Britain’s Secret War Andre Deutsch

Michael Weiss, Julia Pettengill The Age of Impunity Henry Jackson Society

Mirza Waheed The Collaborator Viking

Mischa Hiller Shake Off Telegram

Misha Glenny Dark Market Bodley Head

Mitch Miller, Johnny Rodger The Red Cockatoo Sandstone Press

Munira Mirza The Politics of Culture Palgrave Macmillan

Nadia Idle, Alex Nunns Tweets from Tahrir OR Books

Nariman Yousseff 18 Days of Grace Bodley Head Brain Shots

Nicholas Shaxson Treasure Islands Bodley Head

Nick Holdstock The Tree that Bleeds Luath Press

Nigel C. Winter Travelling with Mr Turner Panther Publishing

Nina De La Mer 4am Myriad Editions

Owen Jones Chavs Verso

Patrick French India: A Portrait Allen Lane

Patrick Lavender Being Blunt Quexata Publishing

Patrick Noble The Commons of Soil Upfront Publishing

Paul Broda Scientist Spies Matador

Paul Laverty Route Irish Route Publishing

Paul Mattick Business as Usual Reaktion Books

Paul Moody, Robin Turner The Search for the Perfect Pub Orion

Paul Oppenheimer Machiavelli: A Life Beyond Ideology Continuum

Paul Ward Huw T Edwards University of Wales Press

Peadar Kirby, Mary P.Murphy Towards a Second Republic Pluto Press

Peter Beaumont Revolution Road Bodley Head Brain Shots

Peter Mangold Britain and the Defeated French I. B. Tauris

Peter Marks George Orwell the Essayist Continuum

Peter Oborne, Francis Weaver Guilty Men Centre for Policy Studies

Professor James Manor To sustain the Commonwealth commitment to human dignity Commonwealth Advisory Bureau

Rebecca Asher Shattered Harvill Secker

Richard Gott Britain’s Empire Verso

Richard Lloyd Parry People Who Eat Darkness Jonathan Cape

Richard Overy Britain at War 1939-1945 Carlton Books

Rob Lyons Panic On A Plate Imprint Academic

Robbie Gilligan Tony Gregory O’Brien Press

Robert Corfe This Was My England Arena Books

Robert Davidson Site Works Sandstone Press

Robert Service Spies and Commissars Macmillan

Robin Blackburn The American Crucible Verso

Robin Harris The Conservatives Bantam

Rodric Braithwaite Afgantsy Profile

Roger Hunt Be Silent or Be Killed Luath Press

Roger Osborne Of The People, By The People Bodley Head

Rory Stewart, Gerard Knaus Can Intervention Work? W. W. Norton & Company

Ross Raisin Waterline Viking

Sam Buckley Banana Republic UK Createspace

Sarah Spencer The Migration Debate Policy Press

Sherard Cowper Cowles Cables From Kabul Harper Press

Siddhartha Deb The Beautiful and The Damned Viking

Simon Baron-Cohen Zero Degrees of Empathy Allen Lane

Simon Chesterman One Nation Under Surveillance Oxford University Press

Simon Hallsworth, David Brotherton Urban Disorder and Gangs Runnymede Trust

Simon Lelic The Facility Picador

Simon Martin Sport Italia I. B. Tauris

Sonia Purnell Just Boris Aurum Press

Sophie Hardach The Registrar’s Guide for Detecting Forced Marriages Simon & Schuster

Stephen Barber Tragedy of Riches University of Buckingham Press

Stephen Kelman Pigeon English Bloomsbury

Steve Reicher, Cliff Stott Mad Mobs And Englishmen? Constable & Robinson

Steve Walker Steve Unwanted Short Books

Stewart Lansley The Cost of Inequality Gibson Square

Sue Eckstein Interpreters Myriad Editions

Suman Gupta Imagining Iraq Palgrave

Sunjeev Sahota Ours Are the Streets Picador

Susan Williams Who Killed Hammarskjold? Hurst

Syed Saleem Shahzad Inside Al-Qaeda and the Taliban Pluto Press

T. O. Smith Churchill, America and Vietnam 1941-45 Palgrave

Tahmima Anam The Good Muslim Canongate

Tariq Goddard The Message Zero Books

Theodore Dalrymple Anything Goes Monday Books

Tim Gee Counterpower New Internationalist

Tim Grady The German-Jewish Soldiers of the First World War in History and Memory Liverpool University Press

Tim Harford Adapt Little, Brown

Toby Harnden Dead Men Risen Quercus Books

Toby Young How to Set Up a Free School Penguin Shorts

Tom McKearney The Provisional IRA Pluto Press

Unknown Soldier The Skinback Fusiliers Skinback Books

Vanessa Mehrabian The General’s Café Xlibris

William Oxley Democratica Ember Press

William Ryan The Bloody Meadow Mantle

Winston Smith Generation F Monday Books

Yanis Varoufakis The Global Minotaur Zed Books

Zoe Lambert The War Tour Comma Press