Blog Prize 2012

The list below is of all 226 entries for this year’s Orwell Prize for Blogs. All submitted blogposts were published in 2011. This is not a longlist (which will be announced on 28 March) or shortlist (25 April), but all of the blogs put forward. The entries are listed alphabetically by author’s first name. Links given are to the blogs or best page for the blogger at the organisation they blog at/for, and do not necessarily reflect the individual blogposts entered.

This year’s Blog Prize judges are Suzanne Moore and Hopi Sen.

Adam Wagner UK Human Rights Blog

Adlib at You Never Can Tell Adlib at You Never Can Tell

admin Bahrain Views

Adrian Slatcher The Art of Fiction

Agent Weebley ARG MetaPhoria

Alex Marsh Alex’s Archives; Liberal Democrat Voice; Dale & Co

Alex Massie Alex Massie (The Spectator)

allnottinghambasebelongtous Nottingham City Council LOLs

Andrew Page A Scottish Liberal

Andrew Sparrow Politics Live with Andrew Sparrow

Andy Sawford LGiU’s local democracy blog

Angus Intergenerational Foundation

Anna Chen Madam Miaow Says

Antony Intergenerational Foundation

Archbishop Cranmer Archbishop Cranmer

Article 27 Article 27

Bagehot Bagehot’s Notebook

Ben Bland Beyond Brics

Ben Osborne One&Other

BendyGirl Benefit Scrounging Scum; The Guardian;; Left Foot Forward; Robin on the Road

Brian Taylor Blether with Brian

Bridget J7: 7/7 Inquests Blog

Carinae Majoris Carinae Majoris

Carl Gardner Head of Legal

Caroline Farrow The Catechesis of Caroline; Cranmer

Caron Lindsay Caron’s Musings

Cath Elliott Too Much To Say For Myself; The Guardian

cb Fighting Monsters

Charles Crawford Charles Crawford

Chris Tarquini Left Foot Forward; The Grapevine

Chris T-T Chris T-T blog; Morning Star Culture

Christian Benson Late Night Conversations with Dreams

Christopher Hitchens Fighting Words (Slate)

Christopher White Heightened Sense

CJ Stone CJ Stone on HubPages

Claire Khaw Voice of Reason; The Battlefield of Love

Clara X Feminism For Tories

Conor Pope LabourList

Cowped Cowped

Craig Murray Craig Murray

Crispian Jago Science, Reason & Critical Thinking

Dan Hodges Dan Hodges (Telegraph); Labour Uncut; Dan Hodges (New Statesman)

Dan Smith (or Dan @ Eyes on Power) Eyes on Power; Liberal Conspiracy; Left Foot Forward

Daniel Hannan Daniel Hannan (Telegraph)

Daniel Knowles Daniel Knowles (Telegraph)

Dark Fairy Dark Fairy Adventures; The Groucho Tendency

Dave Cross davblog

Dave Hill Clapton Pond Blog

David Allen Green Jack of Kent; David Allen Green (New Statesman)

David Boyle The Real Blog; The nef blog

David Colquhoun DC’s Improbable Science; The Guardian

David Kingman Intergenerational Foundation; British Policy and Politics at the LSE

David Morris Life: Downloaded | The BlogThe Commentator

David Osler David Osler; Liberal Conspiracy; Left Futures

Dean Carroll Editor’s blog

Delilah Delilah; Liberal Conspiracy; the f word; Movement for Change; Progress Online

Dilettante Dilettante; The Student Journals; The Commentator

DSG Editorial Deterritorial Support Group

Duncan McLaren Visiting Mabel

Ed Simpson New Unionism

Eddy Anderson Political Reboot

emapple; Admin Fitwatch; Random Reflections of a Domestic Extremist

Emma Burnell Scarlet Standard

endless_psych The Twenty First Floor

Euni Euni’s Ezine Extras

Ex-Senator Stuart Syvret Ex-Senator Stuart Syvret Blog

Familoo Pink Tape

Felicity Dennistoun Thoughtful comment on gender and politics

Frances Ryan Different Principles; The Guardian; New Statesman; New Left Project

Francesca Preece Francesca Preece (Total Politics); Francesca Preece’s Blog (MailOnline)

freemovement Free Movement

Gary Nunn See Africa Differently; The Guardian; ACTSA youth delegation blog

Gavin Kelly Gavin Kelly: Economics, politics and the reality of the ‘squeezed middle’ (New Statesman)

George Eaton The Staggers (New Statesman)

George Potter The Potter Blogger

Gideon Rachman The World

Golem XIV Golem XIV

Grace Fletcher-Hackwood LabourList

Greg Theoharis Dispatches From A Football Sofa;

Guy The Mac Guy The Mac; Dale & Co

Hannah Fearn Editor’s blog – Guardian Housing Network

Harlequin Harlequin

HarpyMarx Harpymarx

Hawkeye Forensic Statistician; Golem XIV

Helen Lewis-Hasteley Helen Lewis-Hasteley (New Statesman)

Henry McDonald Henry McDonald (The Guardian)

Henry Oliver Mulberry Finch; Adam Smith Institute

Howard Thorp Capitalism Creates Poverty

iamdanthomas Big Times & Felines

Ian Dunt; Talking Politics (Yahoo!); The Erotic Review

Ian Fraser; Huffington Post; Naked Capitalism; QFINANCE

James Catholic and Loving It!

James Bloodworth Obliged to Offend; Independent Blogs; Liberal Conspiracy

James Charlton charlton blogs; Dale & Co

James Firth Slightly Right of Centre; Open Digital

James Kelly SCOT goes POP!

James Mills James Mills; The Guardian; Labour Uncut; Huffington Post; New Statesman

James Plunkett The Spectator; New Statesman; Prospect; Business Insider; Independent Blogs

Jerry Hayes Dale & Co

J.J.A Richarson jjarichardson

John Fisher More Carpery

John Rentoul Independent Blogs; The Spectator

John Thackara Doors Of Perception

Jon Robins The Justice Gap; The Guardian

Jonathan Portes Not the Treasury View; Financial Times; The Guardian; The Spectator; Independent Blogs

Jonathan Rugman World News blog (Channel 4 News)

Juliet Jacques At Home She’s a Tourist; New Statesman; The Guardian

June Caldwell Shakespeare Couldn’t Email

Justin Glenister Law Think

Kenan Malik Pandaemonium

Laura Charlotte Laura Charlotte; The Guardian; Athena’s Forum; Index on Censorship

Laurie Penny Laurie Penny (New Statesman); Penny Red

Left Outside Left Outside; Liberal Conspiracy

Leo Barasi Noise of the Crowd; Left Foot Forward; Liberal Conspiracy

Leon Glenister Law Think; The Guardian

Liam McLaughlin Tell Me No Lies; New Statesman

Libdemchild libdemchild

Lisa Where’s the Benefit? lisaansell.posterous

Lord Belmont Lord Belmont in Northern Ireland

Louise Gillett Schizophrenia at the Schoolgate

Lucy Sweetman The State of Things to Come; dealign; Lucy Sweetman (Third Sector); Lucy Sweetman

Luna17 Luna17; Counterfire; The Guardian

M.H. Forsyth Inky Fool

Marian Houk UN-Truth; Palestine Mandate

MarinaS It’s Not a Zero Sum Game

Mark Ferguson LabourList

Mark Wallace Crash Bang Wallace

Martin Williams AccessDocs

Mary Honeyball MEP The Honeyball Buzz

Matt Carr Matt Carr’s Infernal Machine

Max Atkinson Max Atkinson’s Blog

Max Dunbar Max Dunbar

Melanie Phillips Melanie Phillips’s Blog (MailOnline)

Michael Weiss Michael Weiss (Telegraph)

Mick Fealty Slugger O’Toole

Mike Cunningham Fire, Pillage & Plague

Milena Popova; Open Rights Group; the f word; The Guardian; Huffington Post; Scottish Times

missunemployme Unemploy Me

Mrs Angry Broken Barnet

Ms Baroque Baroque in Hackney

Murray Rothbard Libertarian View

Musa Okwonga Musa Okwonga (Independent Blogs)

NAJ Taylor This Blog Harms; Al Jazeera English

Neil Clark Neil Clark

Nelson Jones, writing as The Heresiarch Heresy Corner; Nelson Jones (New Statesman)

Nextwavefutures The next wave

Nic Prigg Nic Prigg’s blog

Nicholas Watt Wintour and Watt Blog

Nick Denys Platform 10

Nick Fielding Circling the Lion’s Den

okinwanawallce Afghan Deployment Journal

Osama Diab The Chronikler; New Statesman; The Guardian; Worldpress

Owen The Third Estate

Padraig Reidy Free Speech Blog (Index on Censorship); The Guardian

Pandora Blake Spanked, Not Silenced: kink, porn and politics; Dreams of Spanking

Paris Lees lastofthecleanbohemians; The Gender Trust

Patrick Strudwick Gay Times; Huffington Post

Paul Anderson AV is not PR

Paul Bernal The Symbiotic Web Blog; INFORRM; UK Constitutional Law Group; The Justice Gap

Paul Francis Paul On Politics (KentOnline)

Paul Goldsmith The PolEcon Brief

Paul Pennyfeather The Blackboard Diaries

Paul Prentice Paul Prentice; The Guardian; So So Gay

Paul Sims New Humanist Blog

paulinlancs Though Cowards Flinch

Pavel Konnolsky The Konnolsky Files

PC Ellie Bloggs A Twenty-First Century Police Officer

Peter Quayle Peter Quayle

Peter Tatchell Peter Tatchell; Huffington Post; Ceasefire; The Guardian; New Statesman

Philip Nelms Democracy Pie

Philosopher’s Beard The Philosopher’s Beard

Pippa Myring One&Other

Poethead Poethead

Polly Curtis Reality check with Polly Curtis (The Guardian)

Prisoner Ben Ben’s Prison Blog

R.L.G. Johnson (The Economist); Democracy in America (The Economist)

raincoatoptimism Though Cowards Flinch; Labour Uncut

Rangers Tax-Case rangerstaxcase

raphshirley Another stupid human

Ray The Bad Old Days Will End

Rebecca Omonira-Oyekanmi Rebecca Omonira-Oyekanmi; New Internationalist

Reuben The Third Estate

Richard Blogger NHS Vault; False Economy; Drop the Bill; UK Uncut

Richard Morris The Staggers (New Statesman); A View from Ham Common

Rob Carr

Rob Marchant The Centre Left; Labour Uncut; LabourList; New Statesman

Robert Henderson Living in a Madhouse

Ryan Gallagher; openDemocracy; New Statesman; The Guardian

Sambo Novelfootsteps

Samuel Perriman The Ajnabi; MidEastPosts; The Vibe; Our Man in… Syria

Sandy Calico Baby Baby

Sarah Ditum Paperhouse; The Guardian

Sarah Ebner School Gate (The Times, £)

Shashank Joshi Global Public Square (CNN); Afpak (Foreign Policy); Current Intelligence; India Ink (New York Times); the interpreter; Left Foot Forward; Telegraph; The Utopian Blog

sianandcrookedrib Sian and Crooked Rib

Sid Ryan The News and The Rest

Siraj Datoo The scribblings of Siraj Datoo

Splintered Sunrise Splintered Sunrise

Stefan Simanowitz New Internationalist; Huffington Post

Stephen Curry Reciprocal Space; Jack of Kent

Steve Hanson Steve Hanson and his fantastical electrical notebook

Steven Baxter Steven Baxter (New Statesman); enemies of reason

Stewart Lansley Left Foot Forward; False Economy; The Guardian; New Left Project; Policy Network;; Poverty and Social Exclusion; RSA blogs; Social Europe

Stuart Goulden One&Other

Sturdy Alex Sturdyblog

Sue Marsh Diary of a Benefit Scrounger

suswatibasu The Anti-Box Democracy; Huffington Post

Ted Jeory Trial by Jeory

thebungblog thebungblog

Thirsty Gargoyle The Thirsty Gargoyle

Tim Fenton Zelo Street

Tim Hardy Beyond Clicktivism

Tim Marshall Foreign Matters (Sky News)

Toby Harnden Toby Harnden (Telegraph)

Toby Young Toby Young (Telegraph)

Tom Chivers Tom Chivers (Telegraph)

Tom Streithorst Prospect

unemployedhack unemployedhack

unfashionablylost unfashionablylost

Vikas Shah Thought Economics

Wail Qasim THIS DAY; MouthLondon; Liberal Conspiracy

wayneburrows The Serendipity Project

Wiggy Beneath the Wig

William Hatchett The word mines