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ms baroque

Baroque in Hackney
Ms Baroque

I am a poet, critic, conversationalist, personal shopper, siren, and housemaid to the gods – at least they think they’re gods. So it said when this blog first opened in 2006. The


Benefit Scrounging Scum

Life in a broken bureaucracy with a bendy and borked body. Taken from Benefit Scrounging Scum Submitted posts Get out of your comfort zone, disability living allowance cuts are relevant to all

alex massie

Alex Massie
Alex Massie

Alex Massie is a freelance journalist, currently based in the Scottish Borders. He spent five years in Washington DC as a correspondent for The Scotsman and the Daily Telegraph. Prior to that

rebecca o-o

Rebecca Omonira-Oyekanmi
Rebecca Omonira-Oyekanmi

London-based journalist writing features and news for print and web. Recently completed a Winston Churchill Travel Fellowship reporting on immigration and asylum in Greece, Italy, Spain, France and the UK. Prior to

rangers tax case

Rangers Tax-Case
Rangers Tax-Case

Bringing you the story that Scottish journalists seem unable to do. Taken from Rangers Tax-Case Judges of the 2012 Blog Prize, Suzanne Moore, Hopi Sen and Sean Dodson, said; ‘The 2012 Blog


Beneath The Wig

A girl. Noisy, sweary, political, very ranty. Geek mixed with a touch of law. No-longer-practising barrister. Taken from Twitter profile Submitted posts Justice: RIP? In screwing Ken Clarke, Victoria Derbyshire fucked rape

lisa ansell

Lisa Ansell
Lisa Ansell

I am Lisa Ansell. This blog is my thoughts. I have accepted it is unlikely that the next year is going to throw up a political solution to the global crisis the