Short lists

Capital cover

Rana Dasgupta


When Rana Dasgupta arrived in Delhi at the turn of the twenty-first century, he had no intention of staying for long, but the city beguiled him – he ‘fell in love and

Hack Attack cover

Hack Attack
Nick Davies

Chatto & Windus

At first, it seemed like a small story. The royal editor of the News of the World was caught listening to the voicemail messages of staff at Buckingham Palace. In 2007 he and a

In Plain Sight cover

In Plain Sight
Dan Davies


Dan Davies has spent more than a decade on a quest to find the real Jimmy Savile, and interviewed him extensively over a period of seven years before his death. In the

Modernity Britain cover

Modernity Britain
David Kynaston


The late 1950s was an action-packed, often dramatic time in which the contours of modern Britain began to take shape. These were the ‘never had it so good’ years, when the Carry On film

Private Island cover

Private Island: Why Britain Now Belongs to Someone Else
James Meek


In a little over a generation the bones and sinews of the British economy – rail, energy, water, postal services, municipal housing – have been sold to remote, unaccountable private owners, often

People's Republic of Amnesia cover

The People's Republic of Amnesia
Louisa Lim

Oxford University Press

On June 4, 1989, People’s Liberation Army soldiers opened fire on unarmed civilians in Beijing, killing untold hundreds of people. A quarter-century later, this defining event remains buried in China’s modern history,