Long lists

De Waal - The Hare with Amber Eyes

The Hare With Amber Eyes: A Hidden Inheritance
Edmund de Waal

Chatto & Windus

In this stunningly original memoir, Edmund de Waal travels the world to stand in the great buildings his forebears once inhabited. He traces the network of a remarkable family against the backdrop

Chang - 23 Things

23 Things They Don't Tell You About Capitalism
Ha-Joon Chang


Ha-Joon Chang dispels the myths and prejudices that have come to dominate our understanding of how the world works. He succeeds in both setting the historical record straight and persuading us of

Hatherley - A Guide to the New Ruins

A Guide to the New Ruins of Great Britain
Owen Hatherley


A darkly humorous architectural guide to the decrepit new Britain that neoliberalism built. With New Labour capsized, Owen Hatherley sets out to explore the wreckage—the architecture that epitomized an age of greed

Butcher - Chasing the Devil

Chasing the Devil: The Search for Africa's Fighting Spirit
Tim Butcher

Chatto & Windus

For many years Sierra Leone and Liberia have been too dangerous to travel through. With their wars officially over, Tim Butcher sets out on a journey across both countries, trekking for 350

Moqadam - Death to the Dictator

Death to the Dictator!: Witnessing Iran's election and the Crippling of the Islamic Republic
Afsaneh Moqadam

The Bodley Head

Afsaneh Moqadam observed and took part in the momentous events of that summer. Here, through the eyes of Mohsen, one of Tehran’s young, courageous protesters, Moqadam tells the story of these historic

Mullin - Decline and Fall

Decline & Fall: Diaries 2005–2010
Chris Mullin


Chris Mullin’s bestselling 'A View From the Foothills' provided a riveting insider’s account of life as a junior minister. Funny and self-deprecating, the new diaries run from his sacking by Blair as

O'Toole - Enough is Enough

Enough is Enough: How to Build a New Republic
Fintan O’Toole


The Republic of Ireland, which declared itself in 1949, allowed the Catholic Church to dominate its civil society and education system. Investment by American and European companies, and a welcoming tax regime,

Hall - Ernest Gellner

Ernest Gellner: An Intellectual Biography
John A. Hall


The first and monumental biography of the life and thought of the ground breaking historian and writer on nationalism. Ernest Gellner (1925–95) was one of the last great thinkers from Central Europe

Hitchens - Hitch-22

Christopher Hitchens

Atlantic Books

In this long-awaited and candid memoir, Hitchens re-traces the footsteps of his life to date, from his childhood in Portsmouth, with his adoring, tragic mother and reserved Naval officer father; to his

Bullough - Let Our Fame Be Great

Let Our Fame Be Great: Journeys among the defiant people of the Caucasus
Oliver Bullough


Oliver Bullough takes the reader through Eastern Europe, Central Asia, Turkey and the Middle East, tracking down the nations dispersed by the brutal wars Russia fought to add these mountains to its

Walter - Living Dolls

Living Dolls: The Return of Sexism
Natasha Walter


Drawing on a wealth of research and personal interviews, Natasha Walter, author of the groundbreaking 'The New Feminism' and one of Britain's most incisive cultural commentators, gives us a straight-talking, passionate and

Spufford - Red Plenty

Red Plenty
Francis Spufford


Strange as it may seem, the grey, oppressive USSR was founded on a fairytale. It was built on the 20th-century magic called ‘the planned economy’, which was going to gush forth an

Thorpe - Supermac

Supermac: The Life of Harold Macmillan
D. R. Thorpe

Chatto & Windus

Great-grandson of a crofter and son-in-law of a Duke, Harold Macmillan (1894–1986) was both complex as a person and influential as a politician. The culmination of 35 years of research by one

Dunmore - The Betrayal

The Betrayal
Helen Dunmore

Fig Tree

'The Betrayal' is a powerful and touching novel of ordinary people in the grip of a terrible and sinister regime, and a moving portrait of a love that will not be extinguished.

Bingham - Rule of Law

The Rule of Law
Tom Bingham

Allen Lane

'The Rule of Law' is a phrase much used but little examined. The idea of the rule of law as the foundation of modern states and civilisations has recently become even more

Malik - We Are a Muslim Please

We Are a Muslim, Please
Zaiba Malik

William Heinemann

'We Are A Muslim, Please' is a stirring and enchanting memoir. We see, through Zaiba’s childhood eyes, the poignancy of growing up in a world whose prejudices, contradictions and ambiguities are at

Richards - Whatever It Takes

Whatever It Takes: The Real Story of Gordon Brown and New Labour
Steve Richards

Fourth Estate

The definitive account of New Labour's rise and fall. Steve Richards has gained access to all levels of Westminster to explain this complex party and its leadership, reflecting on the outcome of

Morris - Why the West Rules - For Now

Why The West Rules – For Now The Patterns of History and what they reveal about the Future
Ian Morris


Why does the West rule? Eminent Stanford polymath Ian Morris answers this provocative question, drawing uniquely on 20,000 years of history and archaeology, and the methods of social science. Why did British