About Orwell

Welcome to the Orwell Prize’s library of works about George Orwell and his work (and a few things about the Prize), consisting of material exclusive to this site and links to external sites. We’ll continue to add to the library, so please get in touch if you find any good work about Orwell online.

Articles and videos are arranged in alphabetical order, by author, after a link to University College London’s Orwell Archive.

Orwell Archive, UCL

David Aaronovitch

Marina Rémy Abrunhosa


Noel Annan

Andrew Anthony

Stephen Armstrong

Timothy Garton Ash

Margaret Atwood

John Banville

Julian Barnes

Stephen Bates

John Baxendale

John Bayley

BBC Archive

BBC Television

Norman Bissell

Eileen Blair

Richard Blair

Francois Bordes

Gordon Bowker

Piers Brendon

British Pathé

Colin Brush

Paula Byrne

Beatrix Campbell

Antoine Capet

Dominic Cavendish

Richard Cavendish

Shami Chakrabarti

Anna Chen

Karl F. Cohen

Cressida Connolly

Alan Cox

John Crace

Bernard Crick

John Crowley and S. Romi Mukherjee

WH Davies

Peter Davison

Sebastien Denis

Jacques Dewitte

Chris Durlacher

Terry Eagleton

The Economist

Olivier Esteves

Julio Etchart

Stuart Evers

Michael Foot

Paul Foot

Gavin Freeguard

Gill Furlong

Andrew Gamble

Keith Gessen

Giora Goodman

Philip Gourevitch

Robert Gray

The Guardian

Luke Harding

Alastair Harper

Robert Harris

Rob Hastings

Christopher Hitchens

Eric Hobsbawm

Charles Holdefer

Liam Hunt

John Hurt

Ian Jack

Juliet Jacques

Stuart Jeffries

Sunder Katwala

Frank Kermode

Douglas Kerr

Ryan Kiggell

Steve King

Emma Jane Kirby

John Krich

Aleks Krotoski

Conrad Landin

Nikita Lalwani

Emma Larkin

Christophe Le Dréau

Sebastien Lefait

Simon Leys

Scott Lucas

Sophie Mackenzie

Andrew Marr

Dolores Martin

Steven Martin

Joseph Maslen

Mary McCarthy

Robert McCrum

David McKie

Timothy Naftali

New Yorker

Paul Owen

Carl Packman

Jeremy Paxman

Ben Pimlott

Nina Power

V. S. Pritchett

Thomas Pynchon

Patricia Rae

Alex Renton

Paul Richards

John Rodden

Jean-Jacques Rosat

Salman Rushdie

Loraine Saunders

Jean Seaton

Will Self

Stephen Spender

Peter Stansky

D. J. Taylor

Gordon Thomson

Jeremy Tranmer

Alan Travis

Dione Venables

Philippe Vervaecke

Richard Vinen

Nicolas Walter

James Walton

Richard Westwood

Geoffrey Wheatcroft